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jetAudio 8.1.3

Fixed Pause/Resume bug
Fixed other minor bugs and enhancements

jetAudio 8.1.1

Removed Video Conversion / mp3PRO encoder
Requires LAME MP3 encoder for mp3 encoding (downloadable from
Support madVR & xySubFilter
Improved EQ
Fixed other minor bugs and enhancements

jetAudio 8.1.0

New skins (Gray v2 v3, Silver v2 v3)
Albumart display in MC/Playlist windows
Added Playcount column in MC
Pause for CD ripping/Audio converter windows
Convert MP3 tags to unicode
Change file path (used when media files moved to another drive/directory)
Change file path when saving to PLS/M3U
Fade out/Fade in when Pause/Resume
Export images in Tag Edit dialog box
Fixed other minor bugs and enhancements

jetAudio 8.0.17

Removed upsampling in MP3 decoder
Fixed bug in M4A/Speex Reader
Some audio codecs were removed from internal audio decoder
"<Program Files>\Common Files\COWON\".
Please use ffdshow or AC3Filter for those audio codecs.
Fixed noise when playing mov videos captured from digital camera
Fixed video conversion error
Displays multiple subtitles simultaneously
Fixed seek problem for some M4A/AAC files
Improved sound quality when changing speed
Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 8.0.16

Smaller font size for subtitle display
Fixed CD ripping - track skipped when ripping to FLAC
Some audio codecs were removed from internal audio decoder
"<Program Files>\Common Files\COWON\".
Please use ffdshow or AC3Filter for those audio codecs.
Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 8.0.15

Support tooltips for mts, m2t, m2ts
Fixed internal audio decoder
Fixed internal video decoder
Fixed subtitle filter
- changed to smaller font size
- support Style for some subtitle format
- support PGS (Presentation Graphic Stream) subtitle for m2ts format
Chapter support for MKV/MP4
Support MPLS (Blu-ray playlist) file format
Fixed digital audio CD playback when changing to next track
No upsampling (to 44.1KHz) of music when X-Fade is off
Fixed MP4 splitter for files with PCM audio (recorded by Canon digital camera)
Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 8.0.14

Added COWON V5S/C2 to video presets
Fixed SPDIF bitrate settings for non-passthrough multi-channel audio
Fixed H.264 detect error for some MPG files
Fixed SPDIF output for multiple audio streams with different channel
Fixed some skin display bugs
Fixed multi-channel output in Windows 7
Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 8.0.12

Fixed full-screen control bar (revert to opaque)
Audio was not changed for some video files
Video size was not correct for some FLV files (fixed FLV splitter)
Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 8.0.11

Support COWON D3 for video conversion
Update OGG vorbis engine to latest version
Fixed crash while capturing video when using EVR
Fixed video problem when converting to MKV/MP4 format
Fixed aspect ratio for some video files
Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 8.0.10

Fixed volume problem when seek/ff/rew while listening to music
Fixed aspect ratio for some videos
Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 8.0.9

Supports COWON X7
Fixed installer for Plus Update
Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 8.0.8

Fixed video playback when using Overlay Mixer
Added some string resources for file extension (will be added in LDK later)
Fixed error when encoding to OGG mono format
Support VP8 video decoding in internal video decoder
Fixed language setting when reloading subtitle
Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 8.0.7

Support more file extensions (tak, w64, ...) for context menu, file associations, and tooltip
Some OGV format did not play properly
Fixed tooltip information for some MKV format
Support M3U8 file extension
Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 8.0.6

New Audio plugins
- AIF, AU/SND reader : PCM
Wave64 reader : PCM
TAK reader : Tom's Lossless Audio
OFR reader : OptimFROG
Support 48KHz when converting audio
Support multichannel when converting audio files
- WVP, WAV, OGG, TTA, FLAC encoders support multichannel
Supoort multichannel when converting video -> audio
- When converting videos, choose one of WAV, FLAC, OGG formats
Can edit tag for M4A format
Fixed WavPack encoder bitrate setting
Fixed OGG decoder for multichannel audio
Fixed MOD decoder for unicode file name
Fixed color adjust when using EVR
Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 8.0.5

Some default skins were not loaded in Japanese Windows
Modified Silver skin with better look
Support Unicode in Skin Maker
Didn't play next track if skin changed while playing audio CD
Can choose monitor for Music OSD display
Video window was not displayed properly when playlist window was Toolbar mode
Fixed sync lyric display for OGG file
Fixed MPC playback error
Update OGG/APE/WVP/MPC plugins using latest SDK
Support LPCM (HDMV LPCM) in internal DirectShow audio decoder
Fixed FLAC 24bit playback
Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 8.0.4

Didn't play next file if Playlist/MC closed while playing
Fixed spectrum display in Windows 7
Sometimes jetAudio froze when running first time after installation
Skins with previous [X] button style (for Playlist/Video/Lyric window) are available on our web site
Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 8.0.2

Can edit file list while converting video
Added FLAC decoding in internal DirectShow audio decoder (for videos with FLAC)
Fixed subtitle display for some MKV/ASS subtitles
Fixed icons in Video Convert dialog box
Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 8.0.1

Fixed audio when converting videos to MKV/iPod/PSP format
Added J3/V5 video conversion presets
Screen capture crashed when using EVR
Restored progress slider for full-screen
More aspect ratio menus
Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 8.0

New video window display modes:
Show always / Show only when playing / Attached
Album art / Spectrum display in Video window when playing music
Spectrum display in Lyric window
New file association method for Windows Vista/7
Supports subtitle with DXVA decoding
Enhanced skins
Supports FLV/MKV formats for video conversion
Added General Presets for video conversion
Shows <My Computer> in Playlist window
Fixed many bugs/suggestions posted in our forum (thanks to the postings)
- Multi-sort in Playlist window
Enhanced context menus of Playlist/Video window
Added DVD Pal/NTSC for video conversion
Supports Crossfade for mono
Fixed video window resizing for EVR
Fixed WAV playback (GSM codec)
Fixed OSD (Music) opacity
Transparent spectrum background in Media Center (set SpectrumColor_Back / SpectrumColor_Dot as -1)
All Default skin sources included (only jsc files)

jetAudio 7.5.5

Fixed mouse wheel for full-screen video playback
Fixed OGG streaming for some URL
Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 7.5.4

Fixed video window for EVR/VMR9
Audio Trimmer crashed when using OGG 5.1ch
Added Page Up/Down scroll in Remote Controller plugin (by Prev/Next buttons)
Fixed "Scan for Media" dialog box
Fixed menu language selection in DVD options
Support MusePack SV8 format
Fixed recording device selection in Vista
Resume did not work properly while playing
Fixed FLAC 24bit playback
Subtitle filter did not work with embedded subtitle when using ffdshow
Fixed analog CD playback in Vista
Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 7.5.3

Fixed window border problem in Vista
Fixed video conversion for COWON L3
Fixed Pitch sound effect
OSD was always on
Fixed ID3 tag Comment field reading (to avoid conflict with iTunes)
Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 7.5.2

DRC was active wrong
Fixed Context menu in Windows Explorer
Fixed Target Format selection in Audio Mixing Recorder
When erasing CD/RW, message was displayed incorrectly
Screen saver was activated even when playing video in Vista
Sometimes subtitle was not displayed when playing DVD with internal video decoder
Some unicode subtitles were displayed incorrectly
Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 7.5.1

Language settings did not work properly when not loading language packs
Support color control for EVR
Update internal video decoder
Added .ts, .tp extensions in Tooltip Extension for Explorer
Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 7.5.0

Supports Unicode
Tooltip extension for Windows Explorer
Support UTF8 when searching from
Support multiple album art in tag
Can change font/color in Media Center window (Appearance menu)

jetAudio 7.1.9

Fixed problems
- PLS file did not start playback when double-clicked
- Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 7.1.8

Fixed problems
- Disc did not start playback when using Play Disc button
- Wrong skin file was included

jetAudio 7.1.7

Fixed Audio Stream Switcher bug when using internal audio decoder for multi-audio files
Support COWON P5/A2/S9 devices
Fixed WMA image tag to be compatible with Windows Media Player
Fixed resume for Audio CD digital playback
Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 7.1.1

Fixed Messenger & Balloon display
Fixed crash for Convert Audio & Convert Video dialog box
WavPack writer plugin added in Setup

jetAudio 7.1.0

"Part of a Compilation" tag field added
Sharpen & Denoise video filter when using internal DirectShow video codec
WavPack writer plugin
Fixed TTA (TrueAudio) plugin
Options for internal audio/video decoder usage
Can hide "Browse <Auto>" item in Media Center window
Advanced options for DVD playback

jetAudio 7.0.5

Support COWON A3, iAUDIO U5 players
Fixed seek problem for some FLAC files
Audio Trimmer did not handle mono sound files properly
Fixed crash when pressing FF/REW for DVD playback

jetAudio 7.0.3

Audio mixer is compatible with Vista
"File Open" option did not work properly when opening files from Explorer
Supports WavPack playback and .wvc (Wavpack correction) file
Supports video conversion for COWON L2, iAUDIO 7
High Speed video conversion mode for COWON D2, A2, Q5

jetAudio 7.0.2

Fixed sync problem when converting video for COWON D2
Fixed Some minor bugs

jetAudio 7.0.1

Support COWON Q5
Fixed Some bugs in Vista

jetAudio 7

New Media Center window (replaces previous Album Manager)
Repeat A<->B
Bookmark menu is shown when clicking click time information in jetAudio window.
History (Resume)
- History menu is shown when clicking click track number in jetAudio window.
Support Remote Controller
You can control jetAudio using MCE (Microsoft Media Center) compatible remote controller or StreamZap remote controller.
[Tip when using remote controller]
(for MCE remote controller)
GUIDE button : Display Navigator window
MUTE button : Delete a file in Navigator window
MORE button : Sort files (Navigator) or change audio (DVD playback) 
BACK button : Refresh (Navigator)
RECORDED TV button : Switch to File Mode
DVD MENU button : Switch to Disc Mode (when stopped) or display DVD menu screen (while playing DVD)
CH +/- button : Switch to next/previous album/playlist
LIVE TV button : Change subtitle (DVD playback)
(for Streamzap remote controller)
- MENU button : Display Navigator window
MUTE button : Delete a file in Navigator window 
RED button : Sort files (Navigator) or change audio (DVD playback)
GREEN button : Refresh (Navigator) or change subtitle (DVD playback)
YELLOW button : Switch to File Mode
BLUE button : Play disc (when stopped) or display menu (DVD playback)
CH +/- button : Switch to next/previous album/playlist

jetAudio 6.2.8

New Features
New video conversion presets for COWON D2
Apply font size for embedded subtitle
Fixed video conversion for video files with 32KHz audio
Display Recent Folders in File Open dialog box (English)
Set stream id as random number when creating OGG file
Fixed other minor bugs

jetAudio 6.2.6

New Features
Fixed video conversion for iAUDIO 6/U3

jetAudio 6.2.5

New Features
* Support .mp4 file format for playback and conversion
Enhanced support for MKV/MPG conversion
Fixed Speex encoder
Fixed video conversion to MPEG format
Support AVC format for PSP video conversion
Support eMusic/SoundBuzz music store

jetAudio 6.2.4

New Features
* 2 more COWON A2 presets for video conversion
Tooltip was incorrect in TrackNumber window in some skins
Display tooltips in Playlist window
Crash occurred when staring jetAudio for some CPUs

jetAudio 6.2.3

New Features
* Supports video conversion for iAUDIO U3
Supports .ts, .tp File Extension
New Video Utility - Video Format Converter to AVI
Very fast video converter because it can copies video data (does not transcode) while converting to AVI format 
More presets for iAUDIO X5/COWON A2 video conversion
Can adjust CPU usage while converting video
Sometimes, subtitle color was incorrect when converting video for iAUDIO X5
Sometimes, video aspect ratio was incorrect when converting MPEG-2 video
Sometimes, subtitle sync was incorrect when using multi-language SMI file
More file naming options (counter, date, time) for video/audio conversion
Maintains aspect ratio when converting MPEG files
Wrong registry key was removed when changing DirectShow filter settings in video conversion dialog box
Does not resize video when source video dimensions are smaller than target dimensions when converting video
Can choose subtitle language automatically when converting video

jetAudio 6.2.2

New Features
* Sometimes video playback was abnormal without sound.
Added 1Mbps, 1.5Mbps bitrate options for PSP format encoding.
Other minor bugs are fixed.

jetAudio 6.2.1

New Features
* Enhanced A/V sync for X5 conversion
Fixed frame size information for ID3V2 tag. (ID3V2.4.0 format)

jetAudio 6.2

New Features
Video Conversion to AVI/MPG/WMV/VCD/PSP/Clie/MP4 format (Plus version)
Supports various kinds of source file formats (playable through DirectShow)
Supports Preset
Adjustable Frame Rate/Bitrate/Video Dimension
Can preview before actual conversion
Can choose conversion range
Supports Multi-Audio (AVI)
Supports Subtitle (SMI and other popular subtitle formats)
Selectable Resize mode (Letterbox, Crop)
Various Resize method (Default, Point, Bilinear, Bicubic, Lanczos)
Auto-Copy (for X5/PSP)
* Supports X-Surround while playing video files
* Displays balloon tips when changing tracks
* Hotkeys for Next/Previous album

jetAudio 6.1.7

Bug fix of jetAudio
* Can change font size/position when displaying time-synchronised lyric
- To change position, check Underline button in Font dialog box 
Changed blocksize for FLAC encoder Level 0/1/2
Fixed when streaming MP3 PRO files from web server

jetAudio 6.1.6

Bug fix of jetAudio
- Changes to Stop status like previous version when finishing music playback
Does not show main window when launching for Tray mode
Handles MP4 file extension (3gp, 3g2, k3g) in DirectShow

jetAudio 6.1.2 ~ 6.1.5

Bug fix of jetAudio
- Fixed various bugs

jetAudio 6.1.1

Bug fix of jetAudio
- MP3PRO bug patch

jetAudio 6.1.0

* Adjust color/hue/contrast while playing video files. (When using Overlay Mixer or VMR)
* Automatic lyric search through Leo's Lyric Database
* Toolbar Mode
- Main window can be attached to top/bottom edge of desktop.
* External Spectrum Window
* MPC Writer Plugin
- Can create MPC files
* Enhanced AVI Playback
- Plays incomplete AVI files.
Plays AVI files while downloading.
* Enhanced MPG Playback
- Plays MPG files while downloading.

jetAudio 6.0.6

Bug fix of jetAudio
- Fixed a bug in subtitle display
Fixed a bug in Audio Trimmer

jetAudio 6.0.5

Bug fix of jetAudio
- There was a bug when printing multiple albums.
There was a bug when playing multiple folders through context menu of Explorer.
New Features of jetAudio
- Supports SMI subtite file with multiple language.
Supprts embedded subtitle of ASF file.

jetAudio 6.0.4

Bug fix of jetAudio
- Refresh rate of visualization is increased to 30fps from 20fps.
Year information of ID3 tag was not properly updated.
Crash occurred when playing some .mkv files
There was an error during crossfading when playing some WMA files.
Can play AVI files with multiple audio tracks (requires
Sometimes sound was abnormal for some MP3 files.
New Features of jetAudio
- Supports cover art feature of G-Force 2.6.2 Gold.
- Bug Fix of jetCast 2.0.2
- Sometimes registration to SHOUTCast directory server did not work properly.
New Features of jetCast 2.0.2
- Now, jetCast can show listener information of external SHOUTCast server.

jetAudio 6.0.3

Bug fix of jetAudio
- Year field of ID3 tag was not updated.
- Crash occurred when some WAV files were added to jetAudio.

jetAudio 6.0.2

Bug fix of jetAudio
- "Reverse wheel movement" function did not work.
- Crash occurred when  MP3 files with unicode tag string were added to jetAudio.
- Crash occurred when removable drives were added to PC.
- Fixes a MSVCRT.DLL problem on Windows 98.
Bug Fix of jetCast 2.0.2
- Crossfading did not work properly.
- Metadata of station was not sent properly

jetAudio 6.0.1

Bug fix of jetAudio
- Crash occurred when starting jetAudio on some PCs.

jetAudio 6

Enhanced Audio Experience
32bit Audio Processing*
jetAudio processes output of MP3/OGG files as 32bit precision. (32bit output may not work on some sound cards)
BBE MP and BBE ViVA Sound Effect*
BBE MP improves brilliance and clarity of music, and BBE ViVA creates an authentic and exciting 3D sound effect from stereo speakers.
Synchronized Lyric Support for WMA, OGG files
EQ and Low-pass/High-pass/Band-rejection filters while Recording*
Silence Detector for Recording*
jetAudio stops recording when silence is detected, and resumes recording if audio level is higher than silence.
- Dynamic Limiter*
Automatically adjusts the maximum audio level to prevent clipping.
- Dynamic Range Control (DRC)*
Automatically adjusts the audio level fluctuation
- Supports LRC format 
LRC format (Lyric file format of Winamp) is supported by Lyric Maker and jetAudio.
- New X-Surround Mode
"Normal Surround with Wide Rear" mode is added.
Supports Windows Media 9's high-definition and multichannel sound
Support Windows Media 9's new encoding features
Supports new CBR encoding options (5 ~320 kbps) and VBR encoding
Supports WMA Lossless Codec
Supports WMA Voice Codec
Automatic Lyric search (Korean only)
Enhanced Video Experience
Supports Windows Media 9's high-definition and multichannel sound
Supports VMR9 (Video Mixing Renderer 9) of DirectX 9
Supports OGM (Ogg Media) file formats**
jetAudio can play OGM files with chapter, multi-audio and embedded subtitles support. 
Supports MKV (Matrovky) file formats**
jetAudio can play MKV files with multi-audio and embedded subtitles support.
User can display Properties dialog box of DirectShow filters during playback.
"No Border" option of Video Window
Borders of Video Window can be removed while playback
Enhanced On-Screen Control
Volume & Screen Size can be adjusted from on-screen control
Transparency options for Subtitle
Subtitle can be displayed with transparency settings.
Adjust video screen (Zoom-in, Zoom-out, Move) in Full-Screen mode
Enhanced Internet Broadcast
OGG Format Broadcasting
Supports registration to Shoutcast server (for MP3 format only)
Private broadcast (for MP3/OGG format)
Listeners who don't know the password can't connect to the station
Changeable Metadata string format
Users can change metadata format as they want
Crossfading when Next button is pressed
Fade-in/Fade-out when microphone button is pressed.
Microphone Monitoring
Supports Station Homepage / XML status report (for MP3/OGG format)
Additional Tools :
Audio Trimmer
- Trim your audio files and save to supported file formats. Fade In/Out effects are provided.
- This tool is very useful for editing recorded audio files through microphone or line-in.
Audio Mixing Recorder
- Create your own greetings with your favorite music. 
Other New Features
- Enhanced Sound2Vision
- OSD (On-Screen Display)
- Resume after Stop
- Crossfading when Next/Previous track button is pressed
- Program Mode is back !
Convenient playback mode which existed in jetAudio 4 is back ! Now you can change playback order for Audio CD as you want.
- Print function is back !
User-requested feature which existed in jetAudio 4 is back ! Now You can print Album information.
- Transfer tag when Converting
- Write tag when Ripping


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