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Version 6.0.2 (30 novembre 2011)

- Fixed: Initialization of Random number generator in multi-threaded tools.

Version 6.0.1 (2 novembre 2011)
This version is a complete rewrite of the entire project. Small changes might be left out by omission.

+ Search and Replace dialog replaced by Search Bar.
+ Added: Support for Escapes and Regular Expressions in search/replace patterns.
+ Added: Experimental Search and Last Tool concept. Similar to Search and Replace.
+ Added: Long searches automatically display an abort dialog.
+ Added: Option to Mimic Case upon Search and Replace.
+ Added: Auto-search for current word upon no selection in Find Selected.
+ Added: Extended Replace also supports Escapes, RegExps and Mimic Case.
+ Added: Support for user-defined color of text and background.
+ Added: Random Color Scheme generator in Settings dialog.
+ Added: Display Line Numbers, Newlines and Line Lengths.
+ Added: ZoomIn, ZoomOut, ZoomReset.
+ Added: Auto-recognition of UTF-8 files without BOM.
+ Added: Import/Export/Reopen file in chosen encoding or codepage.
+ Added: Full transparent support for binary files (load+edit+save).
+ Added: Full transparent support for mixed newlines (load+edit+save).
+ Added: Command line parameter: /b Skips the "Create new file" question.
+ Added: Option to auto-save documents directly to their original files.
+ Added: Option to create recovery auto-save files with hidden attribute.
+ Added: Question, whether to auto-load a lost auto-save version of a file.
+ Added: Question about saving before closing is skipped for empty Untitled documents.
+ Added: Favourite files now support relative paths.
+ Added: Template file for new documents.
+ Added: Shuffle Lines tool.
+ Added: First Capital, Random Case and Fun Case tools.
+ Added: Unclose Lines, Trim Empty Lines and Shift Lines Right tool.
+ Added: Collapse Empty Lines tool.
+ Added: Unwrap Lines tool.
+ Added: Extract Words tool.
+ Added: Most tools are now showing their progress and support cancel.
+ Added: Classic old system edit control replaced by new improved editbox.
+ Added: Text storage engine with improved support for working with huge files.
+ Added: Support for very long lines (current limit is set to 1 MiB).
+ Added: Multi-level Undo and Redo. Better Undo granularity.
+ Added: Legacy single-level Undo still available through Alt+BkSpace.
+ Added: More sensitive navigation through entire words.
+ Added: Support for Triple/Quadruple/Quintuple-click and mouse selecting.
+ Added: Option to auto-Copy to clipboard upon mouse selection.
+ Added: Paste/Swap from clipboard upon mouse Ctrl-Right-click.
+ Added: Option to Mimic Case upon Paste from clipboard.
+ Added: Option to auto-select current word/line/paragraph/document upon empty Copy/Cut.
+ Added: Insert Recently Inserted and Recently Deleted text.
+ Added: Support for Smart Home and End keys, working with indentation
+ Added: Support for moving/selecting by entire paragraphs.
+ Added: Option to keep distance between the Caret and window borders.
+ Added: Improved and enriched Right-click menu.
+ Added: Support for Insert/Overwrite mode.
+ Added: Horizontal mouse-wheel scrolling.
+ Added: Improved INI files for saving settings into Config.
+ Added: Support for hierarchical INI file loading.
+ Added: Command line parameter: /i Load specified INI file
+ Added: Location of current INI file added to Settings dialog.
+ Added: Printing font.
+ Added: Page Setup for printing.
+ Added: Check Updates shortcut.
+ Added: Sort tool: Upto five independent sorting keys available.
+ Added: Sort tool: Range of columns can be specified in each sorting key.
+ Added: Sort tool: Option to ignore white-spaces and/or punctuation while sorting.
+ Added: Sort tool: Option to ignore all but alpha-numeric characters while sorting.
+ Added: Sort tool: Option to ignore blank and/or control characters while sorting.
+ Added: Sort tool: Options to ignore characters supported even while sorting as numbers.
+ Added: Sort tool: Uses current user locale settings while sorting as numbers.
+ Added: Sort tool: Support for positive signs while sorting as numbers.
* Modif: Sort tool: Sorting keys no longer depend on previous keys.
+ Added: Columns and Sort tools: Option to "delimit by entire phrase" rather than "separate characters".
+ Added: Columns and Sort tools: Options for saving info from tool dialogs into the Config.
* Modif: Columns and Sort tools: Tool dialogs accept ranges and columns inverted.
+ Added: Columns tool: Random number insertion point (%r).
* Modif: Columns tool: Center alignment modifier changed from ^ to !.
+ Added: Translate Charaters tool: Supports escapes and ranges.
+ Added: XmlTag tool: Works more carefully with singleline/multiline selections.
* Modif: XmlTag tool: Reselects the original selection after enclosing it.
+ Added: XmlTag tool: Option to keep or reset fields "Attributes" and "Empty".
+ Added: Compare tool: State of checkboxes from tool dialog are saved into Config.
+ Added: Compare tool: Option for saving the compared strings into Config as well.
+ Added: Filters: New variable %S, which expands with current selection.
+ Added: Filters: Option to convert all text to/from UTF-8.
+ Added: Filters: Option to push no input (stdin) into filter.
+ Added: Filters: Option to ignore output (stdout/stderr) from filter.
+ Added: Filters: Option to mix output (stdout/stderr) from filter together.
+ Added: Filters: Option to display filter output as message instead of replacing.
+ Added: Filters: Option to auto-exit when filter is finished.
+ Added: Filters: Option to skip saving upon auto-exit when filter is finished.
+ Added: Filters: Option to ignore filter's return value.
+ Added: Filters: Option to wait for filter to finish.
+ Added: Filters: Option to skip the launch dialog.
+ Added: Filters: Quoting variable modifiers, which escape all double-quotes while expanding.
+ Added: Search and Replace All feature groups Undo steps into one Undo step.
+ Added: Search and Replace All feature shows total count of replacements in the Status Bar.
+ Added: Progress and info messages displayed in the Status Bar during most operations.
+ Added: Undo feature can now remember the last document save-point.
+ Added: Double-clicks on the Status Bar supported (as shortcuts to anticipated actions).
+ Added: Word Wrap indicator in the Status Bar.
+ Added: Current character value in the Status Bar.
+ Added: Suggest filename from first line supports longer filenames.
+ Added: Suggest filename from first line now works also in Exclude File feature.
+ Added: Option to confirm with user whether to exit by Esc key.
+ Added: Option to prevent insertion of control characters.
+ Added: Option to show bold Caret upon Overwrite mode.
+ Added: Option to improve definition of what a word consists of.
+ Added: Option to Indent selection (of multiple lines) with simple Tab key.
+ Added: Option to reduce Undo steps to the last single step upon Save.
+ Added: Option to persist current scrolling during tools.
+ Added: Option to auto-hide the Search Bar after it has been used.
+ Added: Option to auto-hide the Search Bar only after a successful use.
+ Added: Options to reset/keep specific search attributes in the Search Bar.
+ Added: Option to execute search as non-abortable (for compatibility).
+ Added: Option to execute all tools as non-abortable (for compatibility).
+ Added: Option to warn, when a file being loaded is bigger than a specific value.
+ Added: Support for overriding user locale settings (number formats, date/time formats).
+ Added: Many more settings and options to subtly adjust behaviour of features.
- Fixed: Malformed UTF-8 files could cause loading troubles.
- Fixed: Save As dialog allows read-only files when read-only files can be forced.
- Fixed: Save As dialog no longer changes current working directory on the way.
- Fixed: Switch to already opened document, while the other document's window is in tray.
- Fixed: Troubles with changing the opened-and-watched-for-modifications file too rapidly.
- Fixed: The opened-and-watched-for-modifications file no longer share-locked unnecessarily.
- Fixed: Statistics tool: Average line length computed over non-empty lines only.
- Fixed: Statistics tool: Line lengths (avg/min/max) ignore tail white-spaces.
- Fixed: Unique Lines tool: Duplicates of empty lines not counted upon Leave empty lines.
- Fixed: Unique Lines tool: Improved algorithm used in the tool (bug with quadratic impact).
- Fixed: SysTray icon reappears after explorer/taskbar crash and recreation.
* Improved and more user-friendly Goto dialog.
* Statistics tool dialog supports copying of the values into clipboard.
* Settings dialog now remembers the last active tab for convenience.
* All tools working with selection can now auto-select word/line/paragraph/document.
* Changing document Encoding or Newlines makes the document modified.
* Old Margin Bar renamed to Wrap Margin. It soft-wraps lines upon Word Wrap.
* Message "Search pattern not found!" now includes the search pattern.
* Current selection and scrolling try to persist Search and Replace All operation.
* Search and Replace All draws all changes at once if there is no idle CPU.
* Undo is available in the Search Bar, when selection is pre-filled as new pattern.
* Ability to define and use the Second Search through the Search Bar.
* Longer patterns (upto 8 KiB) allowed in the Search Bar.
* The selection is reversed upon searching upwards.
* Word Wrap rewraps the line being edited correctly, including previous word.
* Better maintenance of current scrolling and selection upon reverting the document.
* Better maintenance of current scrolling upon rewrapping lines of the document.
* Horizontal Scroll Bar tries to be a bit smarter and less resource consuming.
* Quote Mail tool removed.
* Few hotkeys modified or switched between functions.
* Tools sub-menu and Edit sub-menu rearranged a bit. All dialogs improved.
* Defaults for some of the settings modified to fit the new capabilities.
* Few config names changed or moved to prevent sharing with old versions.
* Core memory-handling and text-processing routines improved.
* Non-linear generator of pseudo-random numbers used in tools.
* Default fonts changed to Courier New and Arial.
* New application icon introduced.

Version 5.4.2 (17 juin 2009)

- Fixed: Invalid characters in Suggest filename from first line.

Version 5.4.1 (30 avril 2009)

+ Added: Fullscreen mode.
+ Added: Spawn New Window feature.
+ Added: Option for Longest completion in Complete Word feature.
+ Added: Option for Ignore case in Complete Word feature.
+ Added: Option to rotate the Search over the edge of the document.
- Fixed: Favorites menu not numbered with accelerator keys.
- Fixed: Unique Lines and Unique Lines with Ignore case interchanged.
- Fixed: Number of Favorites menu items unnecessarily limited to 10.
- Fixed: Could not Delete Line when there was only one line left in the document.
- Fixed: Remove Empty Lines tool, which could result in crash.
* Size of the printing font and printing margins modified.
* When a loaded file has no newlines, the default newline type is assumed.
* When a loaded file is empty (zero length), the default encoding is assumed.
* XML/HTML Tag tool adds newlines to the content, if used on multiple lines.
* Recent Files recollection option removed from the Settings.

Version 5.3.1 (18 avril 2007)

+ Added: Indent selection is also possible by Tab key. Unindent by Shift+Tab key.
+ Added: Option to show full path and file name within the caption.
+ Added: Option to warn upon loading, if the same file is already opened in another window.
+ Added: Option to watch the opened file and ask for a Revert, when it is changed from outside.
+ Added: Option to auto-save the document every 5 minutes to a temporary recovery file.
+ Added: Option to keep the file name even when the loading has failed (for advanced users).
+ Added: Option to save UTF-8/Unicode files without the leading BOM (for advanced users).
+ Added: Option to load UTF-8/Unicode files without the leading BOM (for advanced users).
+ Added: Option about the default path for Open/Save dialogs.
+ Added: Option to force saving of read-only files.
+ Added: Support for saving of hidden/system files.
+ Added: Option to use the first line as a Filename instead of Untitled.
+ Added: Option to create backup files.
+ Added: Select Line feature.
+ Added: Date/Time and Long Date/Time tools.
- Fixed: Statistics tool calculated values with active word wrapping.
- Fixed: Saving of 3-byte long UTF-8 characters was half-broken.
- Fixed: Occasional bug in backward searching routine.
- Fixed: While saving filters/favourites into the Registry, old values were not being deleted.
* Filter dialog is being skipped, when no parameters are required for an invoked filter.
* Complete word dialod is being skipped, when there is only one possible completion.
* BkSpace/Delete/Truncate Line features no longer works according to the actual word-wrapping.
* While quoting/indenting non-empty lines, only zero-length lines are considered to be empty.
* Saving/loading routines rewritten and optimized for better and safer performance.
* When unicode characters are being loaded in a non-unicode version, warning is displayed.
* The selection persists the Revert feature.
* Application can also remember, whether the window was maximized upon exit.

Version 5.2.1 (11 novembre 2006)

+ Added: Find Later.
+ Added: XML/HTML Tag tool.
+ Added: Relative jumping in Go to dialog.
+ Added: Selecting text in Go to dialog.
+ Added: Trim Tailing Spaces tool.
+ Added: Shift Lines Left tool.
+ Added: Remove Empty Lines tool.
+ Added: Reverse Words on Line, Reverse Each Line, Reverse Words tools.
+ Added: New variable (%n) for newlines in Cut Columns tool.
- Fixed: Minor bug with Status Bar panel sizes calculation.
* Enclose Selection places the caret between its strings, if the selection is empty.

Version 5.0.3 (11 janvier 2007)

- Fixed: Saving of 3-byte long UTF-8 characters was broken.
- Fixed: Occasional bug in backward searching routine.

Version 5.0.1 (12 juillet 2006)

+ Added: Secondary search.
+ Added: Copy Similar Line.
+ Added: Copy Word Above.
+ Added: Cut Columns tool.
+ Added: Find Selected.
+ Added: Both searches are being saved, along with other settings.
+ Added: Full support of storing the settings in a portable INI file.
+ Added: Full support for Mac newlines. Convert from/to Mac tools.
+ Added: Insert Tabs as Spaces and automatic Smart Return auto-indentation.
+ Added: Tabify Indentation and Untabify Indentation tools.
+ Added: Non-empty lines counter into Statistics dialog.
+ Added: Delete Line, Truncate Line, BkSpace Line.
+ Added: Reverse Each Word tool.
+ Added: Option that leaves empty lines in the Unique Lines tool.
+ Added: Option that skips white-spaces in Quote/Indent Selection tool.
+ Added: File modified asterix flag within main window caption.
+ Added: More Status Bar info: Number of lines, line length and document length.
+ Added: Insert File Name and Insert File Title tools.
+ Added: To the next/previous Line, disobeying wordwrapping.
+ Added: Moveable and hideable Right Margin Bar.
+ Added: Setting that counts Line numbers unwrapped even in the Status Bar.
- Fixed: Continuous whole words matching minor bug fixed.
- Fixed: RE clone: Some newline bugs and minor searching bugs fixed.
* Smart Return and Copying Return work with last non-empty unwrapped line.
* Indent Selection tool does not indent empty lines.
* Several features/tools are more compatibile with the Undo feature.
* Goto Line and Goto Char command-line parameters are no longer exclusive.
* The Tabs as Spaces setting also affects the Indent Selection tool.
* Tools converting Unix/Mac newlines no longer work with an entire document.
* New Search menu has been created for both searching mechanisms.
* Hotkeys of Select Word, Add Word and Complete Word have been changed.
* Application is returning negative error codes upon startup troubles.
* Several routines have been optimized to achieve better performance.
* Sorting tool optimized a bit. All line-oriented tools optimized.

Version 4.5.5 (4 janvier 2007)

+ Added: File modified flag is also being shown within window caption.
+ Added: Text limit value is allowed to be zero for no actual limit.
+ Added: Printing the selection only is available.
- Fixed: Saving of 3-byte long UTF-8 characters was broken.
- Fixed: Posible memory leaks caused by unhandled realloc failure.
- Fixed: Occasional bug in backward searching routine.
- Fixed: Printing mechanism has been fixed.
- Fixed: Characters recognition is now fully user locale friendly.
- Fixed: Find mechanism is now gathering dialog info only when appropriate.
* Find/Replace mechanism modified to resemble the default notepad behavior.
* Recent files are being remember even upon successful file saving.
* To open Manual, it has to be in the same directory, as the executable is.

Version 4.5.1 (1er juillet 2005)

+ Added: Full UTF-8 files support.
+ Added: Full Big-endian UNICODE files support.
+ Added: Swap clipboard and selection (copy and paste together).
+ Added: Find previous, Select to previous features.
+ Added: Find/Replace works in both directions with whole word option enabled.
+ Added: Favourites menu.
+ Added: Whole words option in Extended Replace.
+ Added: Delete all other characters option in Translate Characters.
+ Added: .LOG extension support from Windows Notepad.
+ Added: File Properties dialog of the current document.
+ Added: Word wrapping into printing support.
+ Added: Command line parameter: /p Print.
+ Added: Printing the selection only.
- Fixed: Printing mechanism has been completely rewritten.
- Fixed: Window creeped-up when taskbar was located at the top of the screen.
- Fixed: RE clone only: Find/Replace mechanism counted newlines incorrectly.
* Sorting tool rewritten and optimized a bit. Supports better numbers sorting.
* Enclose Selection tool modified. Enclose Selection dialog added.
* Replace All mechanism now works with the entire document, as supposed to.
* Find/Replace algorithms rewritten and optimized a lot.
* Saving, loading and managing of settings modified.
* Finally, all read and write share locks were removed.
* A warning is raised when conversion from UNICODE to ANSI is not to be lossless.
* A question about creating a new file is raised upon opening a missing file.
* Some tools allowed on empty selections too.
* Assembly-level code optimizations. Speed increased, application size decreased.

Version 4.3.1 (14 septembre 2004)

+ Added: Complete Word.
+ Added: Select to Next.
+ Added: Drag & Drop support.
+ Added: Copying Return.
+ Added: Revert.
+ Added: Add Next Word.
+ Added: Save and Exit as F10 hotkey.
+ Added: Full binary files support.
+ Added: Full and transparent UNIX-files support.
+ Added: Last Used Tool.
+ Added tools: Unique Lines, Close Lines.
+ Added tools: Unindent Selection, Unquote Selection.
+ Added tools: Include From File, Exclude Fo File.
+ Added tool: Extended Replace. (Without regular expressions. Use grep as a filter.)
+ Added tool: Filters Architecture. (Simple text-filtering plug-ins architecture.)
+ Added tool: More options and Show column button added to the Sorting tool dialog.
+ Added tool: Crc32 sum value to Statistics tool.
+ Added: Command line parameters: /l Goto line, /c Goto char, /s Set Selection.
+ Added: Command line parameters: /a Select All, /d Do Command.
+ Added: Command line parameters: /nl NoLoad Settings, /ns NoSave Settings.
+ Added: Variety of view scrolling hotkeys. See hotkeys list.
+ Added: Hotkeys to Extended Clipboards dialog.
+ Added: Option of definition of a word: Whether include underscore.
+ Added: Disobey Word Wrapping in Goto Line.
+ Added: RE clone only: auto URL detection.
- Fixed: Troubles with the size and position of minimized/maximized main window.
- Fixed: Multibyte characters save troubles and binary files load minor bug.
* All read-share locks removed, write write-share lock removed.
* Unwrap tool has been modified to preserve paragraphs.
* Missing GetLongPathName export function added for Win95 and WinNT4.
* Smart Return, Title Case and Compare Strings modified a bit.
* Select Word, Delete/BkSpace Spaces (now Delete/BkSpace Word) features modified.
* First RichEdit (RE) clone released.

Version 3.1.1 (26 novembre 2003)

+ Added: Recently opened files.
+ Added: Delete Spaces, BkSpace Spaces.
+ Added: Possibility of replacing multiple lines.
+ Added: Automatic use of the selection in Find/Replace Dialogs.
+ Added: Dual font switching (Fixed/Proportional - Default/Custom).
+ Added tools: Date/time Tools.
+ Added tools: Sort Ascending, Sort Descending.
+ Added tools: Indent Selection, Quote mail.
+ Added tools: Comit Word Wrap, Unwrap Selection.
+ Added: Left selection margin, Tab size, Default file type.
+ Added tools: Compare, Statistics.
+ Added: Select Word, Smart Return.
+ Added tools: Title and Sentence Case tools.
+ Added: Manual and instalation. Help was removed.
* Sorting tool optimized. Reading/saving of files optimized.
* Maintenance of Settings was completely modified.
* Hotkeys of some tools were modified.

Version 2.6.1 (Dec 16, 2002)

+ Added tool: Sort - beta version of the sorting tool.
+ Added: Word Wrap option.
+ Added: Save Settings option.
+ Added: Tab characters can be inserted into dialog boxes easily.
+ Added tools: Reverse Text, Reverse Lines and Translate Characters.
+ Added: Saving of extended clipboards content.
+ Added: Warning that file length differs from loaded text length.
+ Added: Warning about Text Limit value.
+ Added tools: Enclose selection, Quote text.
+ Added: Save settings between sessions (Window position, Status bar, ...).
+ Added: Text Limit value -> Unlimited text size possibility.

Version 2.4 (24 juillet 2002)
This version was something like the original Windows Notepad; with a status bar and nine extended clipboards; with text case conversion tools and UNICODE/UNIX/Win compatibility. It was full of hotkeys and dreams... Dreams to be implemented.