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2014-02-11 - SimpleBurn-1.7.0 beta2

  • patched to support directory and filename with spaces

2014-02-05 - SimpleBurn-1.7.0

  • full code and files refactoring - maybe beta quality
  • copy not implemented yet - I won’t be able to test since I have only one optical drive
  • translations (but French) not updated
  • dropped LibCDIO and LibBurnia support (no time for maintenance)
  • UI redesign (show only what can be done)
  • now, if user is ok, CD-RW are automaticaly blanked when not empty and DVD-RW can be burned even if not empty
  • DVD ripping bugfixes and enhancements: user can now verify and ajust cropping
  • added serbian language thanks to Jay Alexander Fleming
  • add support for GTK-3 (GTK-2 still supported)

2012-08-09 - SimpleBurn-1.6.5

  • fixed missing -lm flags on some systems thanks to Gregory,
  • handle /lib64/udev/cdrom_id and /usr/lib64/udev/cdrom_id for UDEV detection thanks to Gregory
  • dropped HAL support,
  • UDEV is now the default detection method,
  • -DALLOW_DEVICES_SYMLINKS=ON is now enabled by default
  • media detection wait for loading completion instead of reporting no media