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Release version.
Setup is available now in English, German, French, Polish, Russian and Spanish. Beta RC1, 11 mars 2003

The program tells clipboard extenders to ignore passwords being copied to the clipboard (it works with ClipMate and Yankee Clipper, possibly with other extenders too.)
The password input dialog allows minimizing the application when the database has been locked.
New Info box popup menu offering two options: Copy selection to the clipboard and Toggle activity of embedded hyperlinks.
The comma (,) is accepted as a valid URL character.
Passwords generator - repaired crash on empty set of user characters.
Corrected problem with SuperPasting passwords containing '{' characters.
Corrected problem with items having an empty category.
The program is available now in 25 language versions. Beta, 09 septembre 2002

Possibility to paste user name and/or password into external applications using system-wide hotkeys (defaults: Ctrl + F11, and Ctrl + F12, inactive.)
"SuperPaste" option allowing pasting into external applications user-defined set of data, together with keys like Tab and Enter. Default system-wide hotkey: Ctrl + Y, active.
Expired passwords verification and handling.
Export to text file - command configuration moved from general settings to a dialog opened every time an export is being performed.
Export to text file - possibility to specify which categories should be exported.
Export to text file - possibility to export quoted texts.
Import from text file - properly imports quoted texts.
System-wide hotkeys editor.
A new configuration option - expand all categories after opening a data file.
Repaired saving of settings to an .ini file., 29 juin 2002

Release version.
Possibility to run from a write-protected floppy or a CD-ROM.
Multilingual setup. Beta RC1, 24 juin 2002

Exporting data to a text file requires entering a master password.
Repaired data sorting.
Possibility of reordering columns by dragging their headers to new positions.
A new security option: lock database after defined time of inactivity.
A new configuration option - auto-expand focused categories.
Fixed problem with recursive locking of the database.
Repaired problem with importing the More info field., 18 juin 2002

Full program documentation (Help).
"Guidelines for the creation of cryptographically strong passwords", by Steven Michael.
Possibility to define user names for all columns (except for the category).
User names for columns can be switch off without erasing them.
Accept files dropped on the program window.
Possibility to define the action performed after double-clicking an item: edit, copy password, copy user name or launch an URL.
Passwords generator - a list of predefined popular templates.
Passwords generator - when generating a number of passwords of the specified length, a new template is generated for every password.
Possibility of predefining user password templates in Passwords.tpl file.
An option for automatic checking if a new version of the program is available.
Stay on top option, available in menu View (shortcut Ctrl + F5).
Configurable count of Most Recently Used database files.
Repaired bug causing dialog windows not to restore their positions on the screen., 07 mars 2002

Release version. Beta 3, 03 mars 2002

New option - auto saving on exit.
Improved detection of minimizing/restoring the application.
Fixed saving/restoring of dates columns width.
Found records are always put into the visible area of the grid.
Extracted last(?) missing international messages.
Fixed international tooltips for file selection buttons.
Localized message boxes.
Fixed other minor localization issues.
New language versions: Slovenian and Macedonian. Beta 2, 17 février 2002

Possibility to configure the visibility of particular columns.
Windows XP Themes Manager compatibility.
Configurable sounds.
Items editor - calendar gadget is properly initialized with date.
Possibility to reenter invalid password up to 3 times.
Copy user name/password to Clipboard available in the right-click menu.
"Exit" button on the main toolbar
Removed dates panel introduced in Beta 1.
Repaired sorting on dates columns. Beta 1, 25 janvier 2002

PINs is now OSI Certified Open Source Software.
A new module for safe files and folders wiping. Support for Gutmann, DoD and custom wiping methods.
A new column with custom user-defined data.
A new security setting: Empty the clipboard on exit.
A new security setting: Empty the clipboard on minimize.
A new setting: Copy password to clipboard on URL launching.
A new security setting: Create an additional archival copy of saved data files in a specified location.
A new security setting: Lock the database on minimize.
Password generator - possibility to use user-defined symbols.
Password generator - possibility to generate any number of passwords at once.
An option for clearing the clipboard (keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Q).
Much improved loading time. Large data files load even 8 times faster.
All program settings can be saved to and restored from an INI file.
Configurable fonts, styles, and colors.
A character map tool allowing entering characters not available on the keyboard.
Esc key allows to close all dialog windows.
Scroll tracking.
Dialog windows restore their locations and sizes from previous sessions.
When exporting data to text file, multiline descriptions are output in one line.
<Tab> can be used as fields' separator in text files.
Both date fields moved to the dates panel.
Default open/save folder is the PINs installation folder.
View menu - a new option for showing/hiding the dates panel.
Removed bug causing wrong import of text files containing empty fields.
Minor changes and improvements., 22 décembre 2001-26 février 2002

New translations: Czech, Dutch, French, Italian, Norwegian, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, and Slovenian., 16 décembre 2001

URLs launching directly from the memo box.
Option for hiding passwords in the editing dialog.
Minimizing to system tray.
Possibility to create multilingual versions.
English, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Swedish translations.
New function Copy user name to clipboard (Ctrl + U).
New hyperlinks types: file, telnet, news, gopher, weis, ftps.
Resizable memo box.
Improved logic of opening, appending and importing.
Swapped the order of the User and System fields.
Improved detection of URLs.
URL found in the URL/Comment field is the default one for launching with the Ctrl + H command., 11 octobre 2001

Embedded hyperlinks launching.
Unlimited size of additional description.
Remapped duplicated hotkeys.
Minor improvements.



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