Acclaim Software Ltd License Agreement

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IMPORTANT : Please read this License carefully before using the software. The right to use this software is granted only if the customer agrees to the terms of this license. If you do not agree to the terms of this License, you must not install the software. However, the installation and use of this software indicates your complete and unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions. Acclaim Software Ltd grants you a license to use a copy of the software subject to the following terms and conditions.

1. No title or ownership is conferred with this license.
2. This license also applies to customised versions of the software. For customised versions all intellectual rights remain with Acclaim Software.
3. The Software may only be copied using the original installation file.
4 You do not remove any copyright notices from any part of this software.
5 This software is copyrighted and may not be disassembled, de-compiled, decrypted, reverse engineered, or modified in any way.
6. Any third party supplier of this software is a third party beneficiary of this license and may protect it's rights against violations in this license.
7. Acclaim Software Ltd reserves the right to terminate this license upon breach. In the event of termination of the License, all copies of the software must be returned or destroyed.
8. Acclaim Software Ltd shall not be liable for lost profits, or for any incidental, special, or consequential damages caused by this software.
9. You may not alter the software without the written consent of Acclaim Software Ltd.
10. This Agreement sets forth the entire agreement between the parties.
11. Acclaim will not be held liable to fix any problems caused by Microsoft's operating systems, or any connections to other software.
12. Errors or omissions in the software will be fixed at Acclaims discretion.
13. Acclaim does not warrant or guarantee that the software will meet the licensee's requirements. The Licensee must check that the software meets their requirements before purchasing the software. No refunds are given.
14. The latest information on prices and support are on our web site <>.
15. Acclaim reserves the right to restrict the functionality of the software for unregistered users, or for users who have not registered the software to the appropriate level.
16. Free support is currently provided for up to 3 incidents. After the 3 incidents have been used up, extra support needs to be purchased. Acclaim may not be able to resolve issues due to faults external to the Software. This includes problems caused by viruses, hardware and operating system faults.
17. Free support for unregistered users is given at Acclaims discretion.
18. Free support is not to be used as a substitute to training or reading help files.
19. Support is given only in the English language, and is not given to people who do not have a basic understanding of how to operate their computer.
20. This License Agreement may change when the software is upgraded. The Licensee must check and accept the new license agreement before upgrading.
21. The functionality available to registered and unregistered users will change from time to time.
22. The unregistered version of the software may be used for evaluation purposes only.
23. For each registration code purchased for Focus Magic, the user may use the registered version on one computer, and may not give the code to any third parties.