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  • Fixed: buggy option pannels
  • New: Enforce check against CVE-2014-0160
  • New: improved hashtables to speedup large mirrors
  • New: added unit tests
  • New: Added %a option, allowing to define the "Accept:" header line.
  • New: Added %X option, to define additional request header lines.
  • New: Added option '-%t', preserving the original file type (which may produce non-browseable file locally)
  • Fixed: remove scope id (% character) in dotted address resolution (especially for catchurl proxy)
  • Fixed: build fixes, including for Android, non-SSL releases
  • Fixed: buggy keep-alive handling, leading to waste connections
  • Fixed: removed chroot and setuid features (this is definitely not our business)
  • Fixed: removed MMS (Microsoft Media Server) ripping code (mmsrip) (dead protocol, unmaintained code, licensing issues)
  • Fixed: type mishandling when processing a redirect (such as a .PDF redirecting to another .PDF, with a text/html type tagged in the redirect message)
  • Fixed: infinite loop when attempting to download a file:/// directory on Unix (gp)
  • Fixed: removed background DNS resolution, prone to bugs
  • Fixed: do not choke on Windows 2000 because of missing SetDllDirectory() (Andy Hewitt)
  • Fixed: %h custom build structure parameter not taken in account (William Clark)


  • New: support for IDNA / RFC 3492 (punycode) handling
  • New: openssl is no longer dynamically probed at stratup, but dynamically linked
  • Fixed: random closing of files/sockets, leading to "zip_zipWriteInFileInZip_failed" assertion, "bogus state" messages, or random garbage in downloaded files
  • Fixed: libssl.dylib is now in the search list for libssl on OSX (Nils Breunese)
  • Fixed: bogus charset because the meta http-equiv tag is placed too far in the html page
  • Fixed: incorrect \\machine\dir structure build on Windows (TomZ)
  • Fixed: do not force a file to have an extension unless it has a known type (such as html), or a possibly known type (if delayed checks are disabled)
  • Fixed: HTML 5 addition regarding "poster" attribute for the "video" tag (Jason Ronallo)
  • Fixed: memory leaks in proxytrack.c (Eric Searcy)
  • Fixed: correctly set the Z flag in hts-cache/new.txt file (Peter)
  • Fixed: parallel patch, typo regarding ICONV_LIBS (Sebastian Pipping)
  • Fixed: memory leak in hashtable, that may lead to excessive memory consumption
  • Fixed: on Windows, fixed possible DLL local injection (CVE-2010-5252)
  • Fixed: UTF-8 conversion bug on Linux that may lead to buggy filenames
  • Fixed: zero-length files not being properly handled (not saved on disk, not updated) (lugusto)
  • Fixed: serious bug that may lead to download several times the same file, and "Unexpected 412/416 error" errors
  • Fixed: images in CSS were sometimes not correctly detected (Martin)
  • Fixed: links within javascript events were sometimes not correctly detected (wquatan)
  • Fixed: webhttrack caused bus error on certain systems, such as Mac OSX, due to the stack size (Patrick Gundlach)
  • Fixed: bogus charset for requests when filenames have non-ascii characters (Steven Hsiao)
  • Fixed: bogus charset on disk when filenames have non-ascii characters (Steven Hsiao)
  • Fixed: fixed 260-characters path limit for Windows (lugusto)
  • Fixed: non-ascii characters encoding issue inside query string (lugusto)
  • Fixed: HTML entities not properly decoded inside URI and query string
  • Fixed: URL-encoding issue within URI
  • Fixed: --timeout alias did not work
  • Fixed: more windows-specific fixes regarding 260-character path limit
  • Fixed: escaping issue in top index
  • Fixed: Linux build cleanup (gentoo patches merge, lintian fixes et al.)
  • Fixed: Fixed div-by-zero when specifying more than 1000 connections per seconds (probably not very common)
  • Fixed: Mishandling of '+' in URLs introduced in 3.47-15 (sarclaudio)
  • Fixed: "Wildcard domains in cookies do not match" (alexei dot co at gmail dot com )
  • Fixed: buggy referer while parsing: the referer of all links in the page is the current page being parsed, NOT the parent page. (alexei dot com at gmail dot com)
  • Fixed: Russian translation fixes by Oleg Komarov (komoleg at mail dot ru)
  • New: Added .torrent => application/x-bittorrent built-in MIME type (alexei dot co at gmail dot com)
  • Fixed: unable to download an URL whose filename embeds special characters such as # (lugusto)
  • New: Croatian translation by Dominko Aždajić (domazd at mail dot ru)
  • Fixed: url-escaping regression introduced in the previous subrelease
  • Fixed: content-disposition NOT taken in account (Stephan Matthiesen)
  • Fixed: buggy DNS cache leading to random crashes
  • Fixed: fixed logging not displaying robots.txt rules limits by default
  • Fixed: license year and GPL link, libtool fixes (cicku)
  • Fixed: Keywords field in desktop files (Sebastian Pipping)


  • New: Unicode filenames handling
  • Fixed: fixed bug in handling of update/continue with erased files or renamed files, leading to "Unexpected 412/416 error (Requested Range Not Satisfiable)" and/or "Previous cache file not found" (-1)" errors
  • Fixed: escape characters >= 128 when sending GET/HEAD requests to avoid server errors
  • Fixed: do not use "delayed" extensions when the mirror is aborting
  • Fixed: generate error pages when needed (Brent Palmer)
  • Fixed: parsing issue with js files due to "script" tags (Vasiliy)
  • Fixed: anonymous FTP without password (Luiz)
  • Fixed: Makefile issues regarding parrallel build and examples (Sebastian Pipping)
  • Fixed: removed deprecated and annoying "Accept-Charset" header in requests (Piotr Engelking) (closes:#674053)


  • New: source license is now GPLv3
  • New: added a "K5" feature to handle transparent proxies (Brent Palmer)
  • New: option -y to control ^Z behavior (Julian H. Stacey)
  • Fixed: replace // by / when saving rather than _/ (Brent Palmer)
  • Fixed: do not interpret ^C before mirror is finished, or after
  • Fixed: webhttrack: do not use md5sum to produce a temporary filename, but mktemp (Ryan Schmidt)
  • Fixed: document %k for custom structure (full query string)


  • Fixed: spurious "Previous file not found (erased by user ?)" messages leading to retransfer existing files in cache (Alain Desilets)
  • Fixed: --max-time now stops the mirror smoothly (Alain Desilets)


  • Fixed: number of simultaneous connections was often only one
  • Fixed: "Unexpected 412/416 error" leading to have broken files on disk


  • Fixed: interrupting an update/continue mirror session should not delete anymore previously downloaded content (William Roeder, Alain Desilets and many others)
  • Fixed: --continue/--update bug leading to download again already cached data in some cases (especially redirect/error pages)


  • Fixed: crash when using -d with non-fully-qualified hostname (Alain Desilets)
  • Fixed: typo in logs (Pascal Boulerie)


  • Fixed: random crash when interrupting the mirror (spotted by -fstack-protector) in htscoremain.c (closes:#657878)


  • Fixed: Linux build (closes:#657334)


  • Fixed: malformed format htslib.c (Moritz Muehlenhoff)
  • Fixed: default footer print format
  • New: clever "^C" handling
  • New: added --do-not-generate-errors option
  • New: increased maximum cookie name


  • Fixed: Randomly corrupted files during updates due to "engine: warning: entry cleaned up, but no trace on heap"/"Unexpected 412/416 error" errors (Petr Gajdusek ; closes:#614966)


  • Fixed: buffer overflow while repairing httrack cache if a damaged cache is found from a previous mirror (closes:#607704)


  • Fixed: webhttrack fixes for icecat (closes:#605140)


  • Fixed: capture URL not working properly when IPv6 is installed (John Bostelman)


  • Fixed: application/xhtml+xml not seen as "html" (Peter Fritzsche)
  • Fixed: various linux fixes for desktop files (closes:#563691)


  • Fixed: URL encoding bugs with filenames containing '%' characters (sandboxie32)
  • Fixed: MacPorts Darwin/Mac fixes to webhttrack (Ross Williams)
  • Fixed: Flash link extraction has been improved (Vincent/suei8423)


  • Fixed: "Open error when decompressing" errors due to temporary file generation problems (Scott Mueller)


  • Shell: WIN32 setup cosmetic fixes: do not probe the proxy on non-local network, do not force *.whtt registration


  • Fixed: code tag handling bug in certain cases leading to produce invalid links (Tom-tmh13 and William Roeder)


  • Fixed: horrible SSL slowdowns due to bogus select() calls (Patrick Pfeifer)
  • Fixed: Konqueror fixes


  • Updated: Portugues-Brasil language file


  • Fixed: wizard question buggy, and commandline version did not print it (Maz)
  • Fixed: do not rename xml subtypes (such as xsd schemas) (Eric Avrillon)


  • Fixed: Fixed too aggressive javascript url= parsing (Chris)
  • Fixed: fixed --urllist option "sticking" the list content to the list of URL (Andreas Maier)
  • Fixed: "Previous cache file not found" not redownloading file when deleted before an update (William Roeder)
  • Fixed: *.rpm.src files renamed to *.src.src with bogus servers (Hippy Dave)
  • Fixed: "pause" is pausing much faster (William Roeder)
  • Fixed: binary real media files and related files are no longer being parsed as html (William Roeder)
  • Fixed: "File not parsed, looks like binary" check no longer corrupt the checked binary file
  • Fixed: multiple download of error pages (several identical '"Not Found" (404) at link [identical link]') leading to a slowdown in certain cases (William Roeder)
  • Fixed: sometimes, a double request was issued to update a broken file
  • Fixed: display bug "link is probably looping, type unknown, aborting .."
  • Fixed: missing library references at build time and other build related issues (Debarshi Ray)
  • Fixed: on windows, switched from wsock32.dll to ws2_32.dll
  • Fixed: minor argument size validation error for "-O" option (Joan CALVET)


  • Fixed: Bad URL length validation in the commandline (CVE-2008-3429) (Joan CALVET)


  • Fixed: Random crashes at the end of the mirror due to a dangling file pointer (Carlos, angus at


  • Fixed: size limits are stopping the mirror gently, finishing pending transfers (David Stevenson)


  • Fixed: text/plain advertised files renamed into .txt
  • Fixed: broken


  • Fixed: major WIN32 inlined function bug caused the cache not to be used at all, causing update not to work


  • New: changed API/ABI to thread-safe ones (libhttrack1 2), big cleanup in all .h definitions
  • Fixed: Major memory usage bug when downloading large sites
  • Fixed: do not rename files if the original MIME type was compatible
  • Fixed: several source fixes for freeBSD (especially time problems)
  • New: option %w to disable specific modules (java, flash..)
  • Fixed: 'no space left in stack for back_add' error
  • Fixed: fixed redirected images with "html" type
  • Fixed: 'Crash adding error, unexpected error found.. [4268]' error


  • Fixed: bogus '.del' filenames with ISO-9660 option
  • Fixed: now merges the header charset even with an empty footer string
  • New: --port option for webhttrack


  • New: mms:// streaming capture (thanks to Nicolas Benoit!)
  • New: proxyTrack project released
  • New: new experimental parser that no longer needs link testing ('testing link type..')
  • New: Redirect handled transparently with delayed type check and broken links made external when the "no error page" option is enabled
  • New: improved background download to handle large sites
  • New: '--assume foo/bar.cgi=text/html' is now possible
  • New: MIME type scan rules (such as -mime:video/* +mime:video/mpeg)
  • New: size scan rules now allows to rewrite uncaught links as external links
  • Fixed: crash fixed when ftime()/localtime()==NULL
  • Fixed: iso-9660 option now using '_' for collision character
  • Fixed: collision problems with CaSe SeNsItIvItY
  • Fixed: a href='..' fixed!
  • Fixed: redirects are now handled by the new experimental parser
  • Fixed: "./" links generated with fixed outbound links (../../)
  • Fixed: 'base href' bogus in many cases
  • Fixed: enforce security limits to avoid bandwidth abuses
  • Fixed: bogus external (swf) parser, fixed remaining .delayed files
  • New: new check-mime and save-file2 callbacks
  • New: "always delayed type check" enabled
  • Fixed: totally bogus finalizer causing compressed files not to be uncompressed, and many files to be truncated
  • Shell: new Finnish interface added!
  • Fixed: "..html" bogus type
  • Fixed: remaining bogus .delayed entries
  • Fixed: flush before user-defined command
  • Fixed: fixed user-defined command call and background cleaner
  • Fixed: fixed 'Crash adding error, unexpected error found.. [4250]' error
  • Fixed: fixed cache absolute file reference (the reference is now relative) preventing the cache form being moved to another place
  • Fixed: webhttrack 'Browse Sites' path bug
  • Fixed: old httrack cache format fixes (import of older versions did not work anymore)
  • Fixed: port fixes in htsnet.h
  • Fixed: -N option with advanced extraction (bogus "not found" member)
  • Fixed: javascript: location=URL was not recognized
  • Fixed: no more character escaping when not needed (such as UTF-8 codes)
  • Fixed: possibly temporary files left on disk with bogus servers giving compressed content on HEAD reuests
  • Fixed: URL hack caused unexpected filename collisions (index.html vs INDEX.HTML)
  • Fixed: "do not erase already downloaded file" option now correctly works (it leaves files linked in the mirror)
  • Fixed: UCS2 encoded pages are now converted properly into UTF-8
  • New: "near" option now also catch embedded (images, css, ..) files
  • Fixed: bogus chunked multimedia link text files (such as x-ms-asf files)
  • Fixed: compilation problems on Un*x version


  • Fixed: Bogus redirects with same location in https
  • Fixed: Bogus file naming with URL hack
  • Fixed: Extremly slow redirections and empty files
  • Fixed: Bogus names with directories ending with a "."
  • New: Number of connection per second can now be.. decimal, to delay even more
  • New: Enforce stronger ISO9660 compliance
  • Shell: "URL Hack" in interface
  • Shell: "Save settings" now rebuild categories
  • Shell: "Shutdown PC after mirror" option
  • Shell: Sound at the beginning/end or the mirror (configurable through system sound properties)
  • Shell: Fixed drag & drop, .url import
  • Shell: Fixed "wizard" mode (crash)
  • Fixed: Crash at the end due to unterminated pending threads
  • Fixed: \ is not anymore transformed into / after the query (?) delimiter
  • New: Two new callbacks for pre/post-processing html data
  • New: link-detected2 callback (additional tag name parameter)
  • Fixed: Broken ISO9660
  • Fixed: Crash on file:// links
  • Fixed: Unescaped ampersands (&) in URLs
  • Fixed: Transfer hangs introduced in 3.33-beta-2
  • Fixed: Display bug "Waiting for scheduled time.."
  • Fixed: Bug "Waiting for scheduled time.." (NOT a display bug, actually)
  • Fixed: CaSe SenSiTiViTy bugs with mutliple links reffering to the same URL but using different case styles
  • Fixed: Failed to build from sources (FTBFS) on amd64 archs because of cast problems (Andreas Jochens)
  • Fixed: & were converted into   (Leto Kauler)
  • Shell: Fixed crash with long URL lists (Libor Striz)
  • Fixed: connection/seconds limiter replugged
  • Fixed: "no files updated" display bug
  • Fixed: bogus links encoded with UTF (Lukasz Wozniak)
  • New: --assume can be used to force a specific script type (Brian Schröder)


  • Fixed: css and js files were not parsed!
  • Fixed: again broken file:// (infinite loops with local crawls)
  • Fixed: Bandwidth limiter more gentle with low transfer rate
  • Fixed: external wrappers were not called during updates/continue
  • New: additional callback examples
  • Fixed: overflow in unzip.c fixed
  • New: tests are now cached for better performances!
  • New: %r (protocol) option for user-defined structure
  • Fixed: Broken engine on 64-bit archs


  • New: Experimental categories implemented
  • New: New cache format (ZIP file)
  • New: .m3u files now crawled
  • New: .aam files now crawled
  • Fixed: Broken ftp
  • Fixed: Broken file://
  • Fixed: Broken cookies management and loading
  • Fixed: HTTrackInterface.c:251 crash
  • Fixed: "N connections" means "N connections" even in scan phase
  • Fixed: javascript:location bug
  • Fixed: libtool versioning problem fixed
  • Fixed: More javascript bugs with \' and \"
  • Fixed: .HTM files not renamed into .html anymore
  • Fixed: OSX fixes in the Makefile script
  • New: Default "referer" and "from" fields
  • New: Full HTTP headers are now stored in cache
  • Fixed: ftp transfer not logged/properly finalized
  • Fixed: Missing symbolic link in webhttrack install
  • Fixed: path and language not saved in webhttrack
  • Shell: Avoid invalid project names
  • Fixed: Javascript bug with src=
  • Fixed: Keep-alive consistency problems on Linux/Unix with bogus servers (SIGPIPE)
  • Fixed: Parsing bug inside javascript (bogus parsing with empty quotes in function: foo())
  • Fixed: static compiling on Linux/Unix
  • Fixed: bloated .h headers (internal function definitions)
  • Fixed: Bogus query strings with embedded ../ and/or ./
  • New: Added "change-options" call in the crawl beginning
  • New: Query arguments now sorted for normalized URL checks (when "url hack" option is activated)
  • Fixed: Previous dependency to zlib.dll to zlib1.dll
  • Fixed: Broken static files were not correctly updated with the new cache format
  • Shell: Launch button in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed: Crash when dealing with multiple '?' in query string with 3.31-alpha


  • New: Webhttrack, a linux/unix/bsd Web GUI for httrack
  • New: "URL hack" feature
  • New: HTTP-headers charset is now propagated in the html file
  • New: loadable external engine callbacks
  • New: Experimental ".mht" archives format
  • Fixed: Query ?? bug
  • Fixed: Bogus base href without http://
  • Fixed: Several javascript bugs
  • Fixed: UCS2 pages badly detected
  • Fixed: Build structure change does not redownload files
  • Fixed: "?foo" URL bug (link with only a query string) fixed
  • Fixed: ' or " inside non-quoted URLs
  • Fixed: keep-alive problems with bogus servers
  • Fixed: Broken .ra files
  • Fixed: More javascript bugs
  • Fixed: ftp transfers not properly monitored in the shell
  • Fixed: various fixes in webhttrack
  • Fixed: Blank final page in webhttrack
  • Fixed: Javascript comments (//) are skipped
  • Fixed: Temporary fix for "archive" bug with multiple java archives
  • Fixed: Inlined js or css files have their path relative to the parent
  • Fixed: Unescaped quotes ("") when continuing/updating in commandline mode
  • Fixed: Null-character in html page bug
  • Fixed: External depth slightly less bogus
  • Fixed: Filters based on size bogus ("less than 1KiB" is now functionning)
  • Fixed: Strange behaviour with filters (last filter "crushed")
  • Fixed: Bogus downloads when using ftp (unable to save file)
  • Fixed: Freeze with keep-alive on certain sites due to bad chunk encoding handling
  • Fixed: Problems with javascript included paths
  • Fixed: The mirror now aborts when the filesystem is full
  • Fixed: "No external pages" option fixed
  • Fixed: Javascript and \" in document.write bug fixed
  • Fixed: Two memory leaks in temporary file generation, and in link build fixed
  • Fixed: Bogus compression with non-gzip format
  • Fixed: Larger range of charsets accepted
  • Fixed: Bogus robots.txt when using comments (#)
  • Fixed: Missing MIME types for files such as .ico
  • Shell: Fixed continuous proxy search
  • Shell: Fixed missing HelpHtml/ link
  • Fixed: Overflow in htsback.c:2779
  • Fixed: Bogus style and script expressions due to too aggressive parsing
  • Fixed: Javascript parsing bugs with \" and \'
  • Fixed: Javascript link detection bugs when comments were inserted between arguments
  • Fixed: Bug when valid empty gzip content was received
  • New: More aggressive "maximum mirroring time" and "maximum amount of bytes transfered" options
  • New: Windows file://server/path syntax handled
  • Fixed: mht archive fixes
  • Fixed: Serious bugs with filters given in commandline erased by the engine
  • Fixed: Bogus parsing of javascript: generated inside document.write() inside javascript code removed


  • New: Keep-alive
  • New: URLs size limit is now 1024 bytes
  • New: Bogus UCS2 html files hack
  • Fixed: base href bugs
  • Fixed: windows "dos devices" bug fixed
  • Fixed: dirty parsing now avoids ","
  • Fixed: "get non-html files near a link" option sometimes caused huge mirrors
  • Fixed: Bugs if zlib library is not found
  • Fixed: Bug with "near" and "no external pages"
  • Fixed: "Link empty" crash
  • Fixed: Several javascript bugs
  • Fixed: Keep-alive problems ("unknown response structure")
  • Fixed: Major keep-alive bug (connection not closed)
  • Fixed: 8-3 options not working, ISO9660 option improved
  • Fixed: Bogus links with embedded CR, TAB..
  • Fixed: small ../ external link bug fixed


  • Fixed: Slow engine due to (too strict) memory checks
  • Fixed: Overflow in htscore.c:2353
  • Fixed: Bogus chunked files with content-length fixed
  • Fixed: Folders renamed into ".txt" on Un*x platforms bug fixed!
  • New: Scan rule list (-%S) added
  • New: Cache debugging tool (-#C) added


  • New: Basic Macromedia Flash support (links extraction)
  • New: Modular design for https, flash parser and zlib
  • New: Standard autoconf/configure design on Un*x platforms
  • New: Modular design also on Windows platforms (dll/lib)
  • Fixed: Text files without extension not renamed "html" anymore
  • Fixed: Bug with "?foo" urls
  • Fixed: No chmod 755 on home anymore
  • Fixed: Stability problems due to bad file structure checks
  • Fixed: Overflow in GUI/commandline when displaying statistics
  • Fixed: Directory creation error


  • New: HTTPS support (SSL)
  • New: ipv6 support
  • New: 'longdesc' added
  • New: new file 'new.txt' generated for transfer status reports
  • New: ISO9660 compatibility option
  • New: empty mirror/update detection improved
  • New: Update hack now recognizes "imported" files
  • New: Option to disable ipv4/ipv6
  • New: Filters now recognize patterns like -https://*
  • Fixed: The engine should be now fully reentrant
  • Fixed: Fixes for alpha and other 64-bit systems
  • Fixed: Files downloaded twice if not found in cache
  • Fixed: ftp problems with 2xx responses
  • Fixed: ftp problems with multiple lines responses
  • Fixed: ftp %20 not escaped anymore
  • Fixed: ftp RETR with quotes problems
  • Fixed: now tolerent to empty header responses
  • Fixed: hts-log closed
  • Fixed: Compressed pages during updates
  • Fixed: Crash when receiving empty compressed pages
  • Fixed: Random crashes in 'spider' mode
  • Fixed: bcopy/bzero not used anymore..
  • Fixed: various code cleanups
  • Fixed: Better UTF8 detection
  • Fixed: External links now work with https and ftp
  • Fixed: Top index.html corrupted or missing
  • Fixed: URL list crashes
  • Fixed: Random crashes with large sites due to bogus naming handler
  • Fixed: Freezes on some robots.txt files
  • Fixed: Compressed files not stored
  • Fixed: SVG fixes
  • Fixed: Raw HTML responses
  • Fixed: 406 error workaround
  • Fixed: Crashes due to binary files with bogus HTML type (not parsed anymore)
  • Fixed: External https and ftp links broken, relative https links broken
  • Fixed: Automatic resizing of filter stack
  • Fixed: Various ampersand (&) elements added
  • Fixed: https with proxy temporary workaround (direct connection)
  • Fixed: "base href" with absolute uris
  • Fixed: stack frame too large on some systems
  • Fixed: random bad requests due to bogus authentication
  • Shell: Several fixes, including registration type problems
  • Shell: "template files not found" fixed


  • Fixed: Zlib v1.4
  • Fixed: Gzipped files now downloaded without problems (HTTP compression bug)
  • Fixed: Ending spaces in URLs now handled correctly
  • Fixed: META-HTTP bug
  • Shell: Type registration done only once


  • Fixed: Bogus HTTP-referer with protected sites
  • Fixed: Fatal IO/socket error with large sites (handles not closed)
  • Fixed: K4 option now works
  • Fixed: --continue+URL(s) now clears previous URLs
  • Fixed: Parsing bug with ''
  • Shell: 'Soft cancel' documented
  • Shell: 'Kx' options added


  • Fixed: Broken pipes on Linux version
  • Fixed: Commandline version bug with gzipped files
  • Fixed: Crash when reaching compressed error pages
  • Fixed: Bogus html-escaped characters in query strings
  • Fixed: Files skipped (bogus anticipating system)
  • Fixed: Crash when showing stats (div by zero)
  • Fixed: Problems with URLs/redirects containing spaces or quotes
  • Fixed: Slash added when ~ detected
  • Fixed: Ugly VT terminal
  • New: Faster and cleaner mirror interrupt


  • Fixed: Several problems with javascript parsing
  • Fixed: Elements after onXXX not parsed
  • New: Source update wrapper
  • New: Style url() and @import parsed
  • Shell: Word database and maximum number of links
  • Shell: Option changes taken in account immediately
  • Shell: Cleaner installer (registry keys)


  • New: HTTP compression is now supported
  • New: Faster response analysis
  • Fixed: External page in html if cgi
  • Fixed: Mix between CR and CR/LF for comments
  • Fixed: Top index corrupted
  • Shell: Better refresh during parsing
  • Shell: DLL error


  • Fixed: Random crashes with HTTP redirects
  • New: New rate limiter (should be sharper)
  • New: Code cleaned up, new htscore.c/httrack.c files


  • Fixed: Redirect to https/mailto now supported
  • New: Top index/top dir for Un*x version
  • New: Sources more modular (.so)
  • New: Quicktime targetX= tags
  • New: HTTP 100 partially supported


  • Fixed: Non-scannable tag parameters ("id","name",..)
  • Fixed: Java classes not found when using "." as separator
  • Fixed: Java classes not found when missing .class


  • Fixed: URLs with starting spaces
  • Fixed: bogus URLs when using "base href"
  • Shell: --assume and -%e options included
  • New: Documentation updated a little


  • New: Parser optimizations, 10 times faster now!
  • New: New --assume option to speed up cgi tests
  • New: Option to avoid Username/password storage for external pages
  • New: Query string kept for local URIs
  • Fixed: RFC2396 compliant URLs accepted (//foo and http:foo)
  • Fixed: [email protected] not considered as URL anymore
  • Fixed: Space encoded into %20 in URIs
  • Fixed: "Unable to save file" bug
  • Fixed: Corrupted top index.html
  • Fixed: Cookies disabled with --get
  • Fixed: Cache bug for error pages


  • Fixed: Pages without title recorded in top index
  • Fixed: Error with Content-type+Content-disposition
  • Fixed: backblue.gif/external.html files not purged anymore
  • Fixed: Encoding problems with files containing %2F or other characters
  • Fixed: Write error reported for HTML files
  • New: hts-stop.lock file to pause the engine
  • New: New install system using InnoSetup


  • New: HTTP real media files captured
  • Fixed: Bogus statitics
  • Fixed: Minor fixes


  • New: New interface, with MANY improvements!
  • New: Better parsing (enhanced javascript parsing, sharper HTML parsing)
  • New: Faster and more efficient background download system
  • New: ETag properly handled
  • New: Optional URL list
  • New: Optionnal config file
  • New: New structure options
  • New: New filters options (size filters)
  • New: Better password site handling
  • New: Traffic control to avoid server overload
  • New: Setuid and Chroot for Unix release
  • New: limited 64-bit handling
  • New: .js files are now parsed
  • New: Single hts-log.txt file, error level
  • New: New top index.html design
  • New: "Update hack" option to prevent unnecessary updates
  • New: Default language sent for mirrors
  • New: Searchable index
  • Fixed: Bogus ftp routines (Linux version)
  • Fixed: Bug that caused to mirror a complete site from a subdir
  • Fixed: Bug that caused restart to be very slow
  • Fixed: Bug that caused loops on several query-string pages (?foo=/)
  • Fixed: Corrupted cache bug
  • Fixed: Random broken links (pages not downloaded)
  • Fixed: Shared links problems
  • Fixed: Bogus URLs with commas (,)
  • Fixed: Bogus / and \ mixed
  • Fixed: Bogus addresses with multiple @
  • Fixed: Bogus links with %2E and %2F
  • Fixed: Bogus empty links
  • Fixed: "Unexpected backing error" bug fixed
  • Fixed: Files with incorrect size no more accepted
  • Fixed: Top index.html created even for untitled pages
  • Fixed: Bogus N100 option (unable to save file)
  • Fixed: Deadlock when using many hosts in URLs
  • Fixed: Password stored internally to avoid access errors
  • Fixed: Fixed /nul DOS limit
  • Fixed: Bogus -* filter (nothing mirrored)
  • Fixed: .shtml now renamed into .html
  • Fixed: Content-disposition without ""
  • Fixed: External html page for /foo links
  • Fixed: Username/password % compliant
  • Fixed: Javascript parser sometimes failed with " and ' mixed
  • Fixed: Some Range: bugs when regeting complete files
  • Fixed: Range: problems with html files
  • Fixed: HTTP/1.1 407 and 416 messages now handled
  • Fixed: Bogus timestamp
  • Fixed: Null chars in HTML bug
  • Fixed: Error pages cache bug
  • Fixed: Connect error/site moved do not delete everything anymore!
  • Fixed: Bogus garbage ../ in relative URL
  • Shell: New transfer rate estimation
  • Shell: Fixed crash when using verbose wizard
  • Shell: dynamic lang.h for easier translation updates
  • Shell: Fixed some options not passed to the engine
  • Fixed: A lots of minor fixes!

2.2 Note: 3.00 alpha major bug fixes are included in the 2.2


  • New: Cache system improved, compatible with all platforms
  • New: Update process improved (accurate date)
  • New: Remote timestamp for files
  • New: ETag (HTTP/1.1) supported
  • Shell: Portugese interface available
  • Fixed: Bug with links containing commas
  • Fixed: 'file://' bug with proxy
  • New: Engine a little bit faster
  • Shell: Some bugs fixed in the interface


  • New: ftp through proxy finally supported!
  • New: Sources cleaned up
  • New: Again some new marvelous options
  • New: Speed improved (links caught during parsing, faster "fast update")
  • New: Tool to catch "submit" URL (forms or complex javascript links)
  • Shell: German interface available
  • Shell: Dutch interface available
  • Shell: Polish interface available
  • Fixed: Level 1 bug fixed
  • Fixed: Still some parsing/structure problems
  • Fixed: Referer now sent to server
  • Fixed: Cookies did not work properly
  • Fixed: Problems with redirect pages
  • New: Better javascript parsing
  • Fixed: Problems with URL-parameters (foo.cgi?param=2&choice=1)
  • Fixed: Problems with ftp
  • New: ftp transfers are now in passive mode (firewall compliant)

2.00 -- The First Free Software Release of HTTrack!

  • New: HTTrack sources (command line), now free software, are given
  • Shell: Interface rewritten!
  • New: Documentation rewritten
  • Shell: Drag&Drop abilities
  • Shell: More URL informations
  • Shell: Fixed: Remote access problems
  • Fixed: Loop problems on some sites causing crashes
  • Fixed: URL encoding problems
  • Fixed: Some file access problems for ../
  • Fixed: Some fixes for updating a mirror
  • Shell: Crazy progress bar fixed
  • Fixed: Form action are rewritten so that cgi on form can work from an offline mirror
  • Fixed: Crashes after continuing an "hand-interrupted" mirror
  • Fixed: Bogus files with some servers (chunk bug)


  • Shell: Interface improved
  • New: robots.txt are followed by default
  • New: Parsing speed improved on big (>10,000 links) sites with an hash table
  • New: Mirror Link mode (mirror all links in a page)
  • New: Cookies are now understood
  • New: No external pages option (replace external html/gif by default files)
  • New: Command line version improved, background on Unix releases
  • Fixed: Problems with javascript parsing
  • Fixed: Username/password not set to lowercase anymore
  • Fixed: Problems with base href
  • New: Links in level 1 html files now patched
  • New: Expurge now deletes unused folders
  • New: Option -V executes shell command for every new file
  • Shell: Primary filter now works


  • Fixed: Ftp protocol bogus (with login/pass)
  • Fixed: Cache problems (corrupted files)
  • New: Expurge old files for updates
  • New: "Updated" messages for mirror updates
  • Shell: Autodial/hangup option to RAS
  • Fixed: index.html were not created sometimes
  • Shell: Fixed: Random crashes with the interface
  • Shell: Fixed: Filters profile not saved
  • Fixed: Various (and numerous) fixes


  • Shell: Interface improved
  • Shell: Multiple setups
  • Shell: Redefine options
  • Shell: Continue interrupted mirror improved


  • Fixed: Parsing up/down did not work well
  • Fixed: Several files not catched, bugs fixes
  • Fixed: Problems with classes (1.21)
  • New: Transfer rate can be limited (-A option)
  • Shell: Smooth refresh
  • New: ftp basic protocol a little bit improved


  • Fixed: Several java classes were not parsed
  • Fixed: Some folders without ending / ignored
  • Fixed: Crashes due to content-type too long


  • Shell: documentation!
  • Fixed: Some problems with 'host cancel' system after timeouts (crashes)
  • New: Get only end of files if possible (file partially get)
  • New: New cache system (only HTML stored)
  • New: User-defined structure possible
  • New: Also available: french interface
  • Fixed: Random crashes (div by 0/illegal instruction) with null size files
  • New: Limited ftp protocol (files only), e.g. +ftp://* now works
  • Fixed: Some connect problems with several servers or proxies
  • New: New option, save html error report by default
  • Shell: Browse and see log files at the end of a mirror
  • New: Proxy authentication (ex: guest:[email protected]:8080)
  • Shell: Interface improved (especially during mirror)
  • Fixed: Ambiguous files are renamed (asp,cgi->html/gif..)
  • Shell: New test link mode option
  • New: Site authentication (ex: guest:[email protected]/index.html)
  • Fixed: Minor bugs fixed
  • Shell: See log files during a mirror
  • Fixed: Some problems using CGI (different names now)
  • Fixed: Go down/up/both options and filters
  • Fixed: "Store html first" did not work
  • New: -F option ("Browser ID") disguise HTTrack into a browser
  • New: New filter system
  • Shell: New "Save as default" options
  • Fixed: "Build options" did NOT work properly! (files overwritten or missing)
  • Fixed: User agent ID fixed
  • Shell: Skip options
  • Shell: Better interface control during mirrors
  • Shell: InstallShield and Help files
  • Fixed: Some external links were not filtered sometimes
  • Fixed: Mirror crash at the end


  • Shell: Really *stupid* bug fixed causing WinHTTrack to be slooow
  • Fixed: Crash if the first page has no title fixed
  • Fixed: Bogus options like "Just scan" saved empty files
  • Fixed: Forbid all links (*) with manual accept did not work
  • Shell: Filters interface improved


  • New : Java Classes and subclasses are now retrieved!
  • New: Better JavaScripts parsing
  • New: Option: Abandon slowest hosts if timeout/transfer too slow
  • Shell: Interface improved


  • Fixed: Some bugs fixed


  • Shell: Interface improved
  • New: Robot improved (some files through javascript are now detected!)
  • New: Improved wild cards (for example, +www.*.com/*.zip)
  • New: 'config' file to configurate proxy, path.. only once


  • New: Wait for specific time (begin transfer at specific hour)
  • New: Time limit option (stops transfer after x seconds)
  • Shell: Interface improved for an easy use


  • Fixed: Maps were not correctly managed (stupid bug)


  • Fixed: Bogus index.html fixed


  • Shell: "Time out" field needed "transfer rate" field


  • Fixed: Better memory management


  • New: "Transfer rate out" option added (abandon slowests sites)
  • New: "Deaf" hosts do not freeze HTTrack any more
  • Fixed: Again problems with code/codebase tags
  • New: Broken links detection improved


  • Fixed:Some links were not correctly read (pages with "codebase" tags)
  • Shell: Interface improved

1.03 (No changes for the command-line robot)

  • Shell: Big bug fixed! (VERY slow transfer rates..)


  • Fixed: Some java files were not correctly transfered
  • New: Speed has been improved
  • Fixed: Log file more accurate
  • Shell: Interface has been improved


  • Fixed: Structure check error in some cases

1.00 -- The 1.00, Yeah!

  • New: base and codebase are now scanned

0.998 beta-2

  • Fixed: Multiple name bug (files having the same name in the same directory) with -O option fixed

0.997 beta-2

  • Fixed: Filenames with '%' were not correctly named
  • Fixed: Bug detected in 0.996: several files are not written on disk!!

0.996 beta-2

  • New: -O option (path for mirror and log)
  • New: Unmodified file time/date are not changed during an update

0.99 beta-2

  • New: User-agent field
  • New: Shortcuts (--spider etc.)
  • New: Links not retrieved are now rebuilt absolutly
  • New: The 'g' option (juste get files in current directory) has been added
  • New: Primary links analyste has been improved
  • Fixed: "304" bug fixed

0.25 beta-2

  • Fixed: Freeze during several mirrors fixed!
  • New: More 'N' options (filenames type)

0.24 beta-2

  • Fixed: Restart/Update with cache did not work (really not..)
  • Fixed: Wild cards now work properly (e.g.* do works)
  • New: The 'n' option (get non-html files near a link) has been added!

0.23 beta-2

  • Fixed: The 'M' option (site size) did not work
  • Fixed: Files larger than 65Kb were not correctly written

older beta

  • Many, many bugs fixed