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Version 1.55

  • Fixed issue: ChromeCacheView loaded only 4 data files: data_0,data_1, data_2, data_3. It seems that when the cache of Chrome is large enough, it starts to create more cache data files (data_4, data_5...)
  • Starting from this version, ChromeCacheView will read these additional cache data files.

Version 1.50

  • Added 'Load only files larger than...' and 'Load only files smaller than...' options. (In 'Select Cache Folder' window)

Version 1.46

  • Fixed bug: ChromeCacheView failed to decompress some of the files compressed with gzip.
  • Fixed issue: ChromeCacheView left multiple files under the temp folder when extracting files compressed with gzip.

Version 1.45

  • ChromeCacheView now loads the cache items much faster and with less memory usage, especially if you have a large amount of items in the cache.

Version 1.40

  • Added 'Stop' menu item, which allows you to stop the loading process of the cache files list.

Version 1.35

  • Added 'Load only cache files from the last xx days' option (In 'Select Cache Folder' window).
  • Added 'Load only cache files in the following time range' option (In 'Select Cache Folder' window).

Version 1.30

  • Added 'Open Selected Cache File' option, which opens the selected cache file with the default file viewer.
  • Added 'Double-Click Action' option, which allows you to choose what to do when you double-click on cache item.

Version 1.27

  • The status bar now displays the total size of selected files in KB/MB.

Version 1.26

  • Fixed ChromeCacheView to read the cache when the latest version of Chrome is opened and locks the cache files.

Version 1.25

  • Added /copycache command-line option, which allows you to extract files from the cache without displaying any user interface.
  • Also added /CopyFilesFolder, /UseWebSiteDirStructure, and /NewNameIfExist command-line options, for using with the /copycache command-line option.

Version 1.22

  • Made a small fix that hopefully will solve a crash problem that some users experienced.

Version 1.21

  • Fixed bug: ChromeCacheView failed to copy cache files because the filenames contained invalid file characters (?, :, *, |, and others).

Version 1.20

  • Added new option in 'Copy Selected Cache Files': Update the modified time of the copied files according to modified time in the Web server.

Version 1.15

  • Added support for working with the cache files of Chrome 2.x

Version 1.10

  • Added 'Show Zero-Length Files' option.
  • Added fileter by file type. (text/html, image, audio, video, application)

Version 1.05

  • New option in 'Copy Selected Files To...': Save the files in the directory structure of the Web site.

Version 1.00 - First release


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